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He is adamant that it has never gone as far meeting anyone, although he does make appointments with prostitutes but never goes through with them.

He says it is more about control and power than it is sex - he gets the biggest thrill out of getting these women to phone him back, thinking that they are going to get business from him when they're not.

I don't know which part of it all hurts most 1) that he has spent so long each day doing this when I thought he was out working and the lies that he has spun to cover his tracks 2) that he phoned them the day after we got married 3) that he phoned them whilst he was looking after our youngest child 4) that all the women are much older and bigger than me - they're 50 frumpy women and I'm early 30's and normally slim when not pregnant 5) just the lies in general and the thought of him being sexual in anyway with someone else.

This can cause them to have thoughts they wouldn’t normally have such as wanting to die.

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When I confronted him he initially denied all knowledge of ever seeing the text and wouldn't admit to or discuss anything.

I spent three tearful days downloading and analysing his mobile phone bills to find that he has been phoning and texting prostitutes and sex lines most days and has run up bills of hundreds of pounds.

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