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amylolytic attack) both in the mouth and the small intestine slowing the rate of digestion and reducing the postprandial glycaemic response [9-11].Rice that exhibits high amylose to amylopectin ratio (e.g.Diets containing large amounts of rapidly digested starch (RDS i.e.starch that can be digested within 20 minutes after ingestion) may release glucose and elevate blood glucose rapidly and be detrimental to health [2], while the inclusion of foods in daily diet that have a slow release of glucose is considered beneficial.Freshly cooked rice (at 100°C) was removed from large cooking pan and rapidly cooled by running cold tap water around the glass beaker until the centre of the rice was cooled to 37°C.

Cold storage (at 4ºC) for over ten hours significantly reduced digestibility of cooked rice starch (P=0.05).Each experiment was duplicated so all results and statistical analyses were from the average of duplicated samples.Rice cooking Each raw rice product (100.0 g) and 110 m L of distilled water was weighed into a 60 m L glass beaker (KIMAX, USA).long grain rice and basmati rice) tends to resist enzymatic attack longer and produce a lower postprandial glycaemic response than rice with a lower amylose to amylopectin ratio (i.e. Altering rice starch structure by thermal processing, such as cooling cooked rice or storing cooked rice at low temperature, may transform gelatinized rice starch from an amorphous state to a more ordered state (i.e.crystalline state) which persists on reheating [12].

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