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My son has even been complaining recently about it, because these overreacting parents are starting to restrict some of the BASIC FUNCTIONS OF THE GAME, such as being allowed to properly have a conversation. is enticing, it can result in vulgarity and sexuality.

There is no reason for parents to be overreacting like they are. My daughter ended up telling me that she canceled her BC and deleted her account because there was too much sex, violence, swearing, and she just couldn't take it. Many children curse, and even show sexual behavior, such as having cybersex on servers, which is poorly moderated.I watched them play the pizza parlor game and it seemed fun and educational. Players were saying "My #### hurts-they use the asterix sign instead of letters".Other players respond "Come into the bedroom, Ill look at your ###" I also saw "Please fix my ### it hurts". Parents-how do we know that these "kids" playing doctor aren't adults? I saw players asking "I want a baby" and "I'll make you a baby, come to my house" WHAT??? I will be reporting this to the game administrator and to the local authorities as well.After reading several reviews, I just had to submit my own: 1) This app/program does contain violent games and other inappropriate content 2) Create an account, using your kid's real birth age - Roblox has default privacy settings that kick in when a kid under 12 is detected (automatically) 3) They haven't figured out how to disable the friend request function - so talk to your kids about online safety and get them to "ignore all" requests unless they personally know the person on the other end 4) In order to skip levels or purchase premium content - you have to purchase Robux, a type of Roblox currency (cards available online through Roblox or in-stores --such as Walmart, 7/11, etc.) 5) Moderation by Roblox is iffy at best - do your own moderation. 6) There are no game-time limits, so set your own 7) There is a builder's club, which looks neat, but my kids (7 & 10) haven't joined yet I gave this a 3-star review only because of the inability to disable friend requests and the fact we haven't used the builder section yet.Parents, please monitor your kids' online activity - my kids have the app on their tablets and I monitor their game-play/friend requests and messages online.

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