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The new report by the IPCC, which had input from both Mr Herbert’s family and charity Inquest, states that police had “missed chances” to avert the crisis.According to the findings, officers failed to take the opportunity to de-escalate the situation, release the pressure, get immediate mental health support and check on Mr Herbert’s wellbeing during the 30-mile journey from Wells to Yeovil, where he was handcuffed and in leg restraints.Some of the videos we’ve seen are from the States, some are old videos, but I think the perception is out there and it will remain,” Mulaudzi said.The increasing number of warnings about flakka in Cape Town prompted special operations by Western Cape police, spokesperson Andre Traut told the M&G.“We are aware of the drug,” Traut said.

These included prioritising the welfare of everyone involved, including the patient, the use of containment rather than restraint, and better sharing of information about people experiencing mental health problems.James Herbert, 25, had experienced mental health problems and was using legal highs when he was restrained by officers in Yeovil in June 2010.He was then transported to the police station in a caged vehicle, where he was carried into a cell.It also calls for police forces across the country to develop clear processes for the recording and sharing of information about individuals who are known to, or are suspected to, have mental health problems, as well as ensuring that they have in place “robust, effective and relevant” protocols that support officers in their duties.Rachel Cerfontyne, deputy chair of the IPCC, said in the report: “It is my view that while officers appeared to have the skills and knowledge to identify that James had mental health problems, they did not seem clear about how they should respond, or how to apply section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

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that there’s a possibility it’s being distributed.“I am aware of our operations where members went out but those operations haven’t yielded arrests,” Traut added.

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