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Stephen Stills: That was actually not bad for Scott. Todd: Because I'm going to pulverize you sometime this weekend. In a situation where the usual tropes call for a clever rejoinder, sometimes the absence of one can have the same effect (as far as the audience is concerned). Related to Comeback Tomorrow, except here there is no comeback. Welcome to the Ladder Slasher shrine, a repository for information about the game.Ladder Slasher is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device!

SO SHUT YOUR FUCKIN' FAT FACE AND GET YOUR GODDAMN BLOATED ASS OFF THE STAGE, MOTHER FUCKER!!! The key to being a subtle Meta Guy seems to be skepticism built on natural cynicism, rather than actually being aware of the Fourth Wall.The latter takes the character one step further to become a Fourth-Wall Observer. Within those zones are specific monsters, native to that area.* When exploring a map, gameplay is slightly different.There are no random encounters for turning or moving on explored spaces, traps or wells.

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