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In Russian, though it is possible to express many a simple thought or command without actually using a verb at all, the verb is still, as in our own speech, the " soul of the sentence," and is the part of speech which offers the greatest difficulty to strangers. The plan, however, once it is explained, may commend itself to teachers working with classes of younger pupils and to adult private students, and it is hoped that it will justify the book's claim to the title of a ' practical ' grammar. ^Accentuation of Masculine and Neuter Nouns that have occurred. Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter Nouns in Singular XII.

I SENIOR MODERN LANGUAGE MASTER GEORGE Watson's college EDINBURGH D. HEATH & CO., PUBLISHERS BOSTON NEW YORK CHICAGO ^^ PREFACE Personal experience in commencing the study of Russian, con- firmed by more recent experience in teaching classes supplied with one of the best of existing manuals, has convinced the compiler of this book that Russian grammar, if presented from the same end as that at which the study of Latin or French or German is usually begun, will always appear to be more formidable than it is.

32-35 PAGE 5 SUGGESTIONS for the Use of this Book 36 LESSONS I-LVI As Pronouns are used in every Lesson, beginning with the first, they are not often separately mentioned in headings of Lessons.

Typical Masculine Nominative Singular Noun (hard form) and Adjective.

Same subjects as last Lesson : Accusative and Prepositional 51 53 56 59 61 61 62 63 65 66 68 70 71 73 XVII.

Nouns that have occurred classified according to Form and Accentuation of Plural.

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