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Ahead of Germany’s parliamentary election on Sunday, online supporters of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (Af D) party began warning their voter base of possible election fraud and calling for observers.

Many were faceless; they posted a range of commercial and pornographic content in Russian and English, as well as pro-Af D posts and attacks on Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexey Navalny.New Democracy's Imer Selmani, who had been dubbed the "Macedonian Obama" for his ability to transcend the ethnic boundaries and appeal to ethnically Macedonian voters, as well, was by far the most successful candidate, gaining 15% of the vote and coming in third place, closely behind the independent Boškoski.A fair and democratic election has been seen as an important factor for Macedonia's induction to NATO and the European Union.A new poll, that was held one week prior to the run-off, saw Ivanov in lead with 25.4% and Frčkoski at 13.8% (that is, 69% to 31% of decided voters).In part due to the existence of many voters in the registers who have left Macedonia years ago and live abroad, and in part due to the lack of motivation for ethnic Albanians to participate in the second round, there were fears that the minimum turnout of 40% might not be met in the second round, invalidating the election.

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There was a poll held in January 2009, before any names of candidates for president were made official, according to which 31.2% of the Macedonian citizens would vote for the candidate to be proposed by conservative party VMRO-DPMNE while 11.4% would give their vote to the candidate of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia.

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