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Some portion of victims undoubtedly forked over their payment card information, as well.

If they did, they fell for what the FBI dubs a romance scam, though these Twitter honeys aren’t trying to lure you into a romance.

In fact, it’s the same porn/dating websites network – linked to Deniro Marketing, which owns the domains the tweets were pimping – that a large porn spam campaign was linking to, as uncovered by security journalist Brian Krebs a month ago. It hasn’t responded to requests for comment from news outlets, including from Krebs and Gizmodo.

That number can be gleaned from the trackable, Google-shortened URLs that the bots were using.

Zero FOX has dubbed this entourage of sexbot sadsackery Siren, as in, the half-chicken, half-buxom-babes from Greek mythology whose dulcet tones lured horny sailors into jagged rocks.

The 86,262 accounts all had profile pictures of young women whose tweets included sexually suggestive invitations to join them for a sex chat.

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