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It supposedly syncs with your Facebook so you can see if you share mutual friends with the people you see on the site. I connected my Facebook account to my Sparkology profile and could not use the feature that allows you to import photos from Facebook.Moreover, I saw a person on the site with whom I share dozens of Facebook friends, but Sparkology says “0 mutual friends.”They don’t encourage you to put up much info -- just an “About me” (vs.The financial boost and influx of business that came from being a port city turned Boston into one of the most important cities in America, up until the mid-1700s.One of the most beautiful parts of Boston is its Emerald Necklace.SPARKOLOGYSparkology is a paid dating website (with an app to accompany it) that is “for young professionals.” It purports to only allow in men from elite schools, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter where the women get their degrees.The feature that sets Sparkology apart is that women are allowed to approach whomever they want, but men are limited to a set number of messages and must pay per message instead of an unlimited subscription.

We can also thank Boston for candlepin bowling and the Boston Tea Party.

Make sure you drive there, because it’s the one of the rare places in the world where an airplane can fly over a car driving over a train passing over a boat.

All sorts of cool architecture like this is all over Boston, such as the 13 acres of glass that cover the John Hancock Tower.

The state of Massachusetts has certainly sat at in the driver’s seat of history ever since the first settlers arrived.

Because of its location and harbor, Boston was the busiest port in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, beating out both Plymouth and Salem for the title.

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The state is also home to the first post office, first lighthouse, and first apple orchard.

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