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Special features: Rohde kilns are delivered directly from the Rohde warehouse therefore will be showing as out of stock on our website.Please place an order regardless and we will contact you regarding delivery. Standard mainland England/Wales/Scotland kerbside delivery included in all quoted prices.In addition to the extensive equipment and the high-quality workmanship of our toploaders we would also like to point out the following features: Disassembly All kiln models can be disassembled for transport into up to four compact pieces.All kiln parts are equipped with ergonomically designed devices for transport.Rohde kilns are delivered directly from the Rohde warehouse therefore will be showing as out of stock on our website.The concept for these new fusing kiln models is based on our toploader building concept tried and tested for more than 30 years.To help you with your decision we have compiled a number of comparison charts - please follow the links below.Click here for a comparison table of all kilns in the Front Loading Kilns Range.

The MCC series offers most possible fl exibility for artistic applications with ceramics and glass due to its wide range of temperatures.ECOTOP kilns are most energy-saving kilns and are outstanding in their energy efficiency due to a new insulating concept.The three-layer insulation structure consists of a 15 mm high-quality, microporous back insulation which allows firing up to usual stoneware temperatures with a regular 230 volt supply (German grounded plug 3.6 k W).The gas fi ttings including safety technology are entirely preinstalled for connection to gas bottles or gas lines according to DVGW (German technical and scientific association for gas and water).A thermocouple with temperature meter is of course part of your ROHDE gas-fi red kiln.

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The extremely silent high-performance intermediate pressure burner – especially developed for these kiln types – ensure an optimal increase in temperatures even in the high temperature range and allow a stable atmospheric control (no pressure drop during firing).

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