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She soon adjusts to her family on Earth, though Kanaka still has a bratty, mischievous personality.Rin is the Intelligence Mecha android who works for the Head Inspector.Kanaka is the older half-sister of Narue and a full-blooded alien. She is younger (12 years old) than Narue when she shows up due to complications of the Urashima effect (time dilation).Kanaka is surprised and confused at what has happened while she was away and acts rashly at first, causing trouble.Heartache.” The latter was co-produced by Owl City, who featured the group on his own song, “Tokyo.” “I’m a big fan of Owl City from the time he debuted,” says Nakajin.

She has the ability to send mind control pulses to manipulate people's feelings.

End of the World, a Tokyo-based J-pop group known as Sekai No Owari in their home country, is looking to accomplish what no other Japanese artist has done in the last 53 years: have a huge hit in America.

The last Japanese-based vocalist to rule the Billboard Hot 100 with a No.

When she first appeared, she tried to seduce Kazuto away from Narue (under orders from Tail Messa), but finds out that their bond is very strong and unbreakable.

Android space fighter used by Tail Mesa to help defend Earth.

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