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All you hear in the media is Eight Christian Corp Members that was killed. JTF killings of Muslims and burning of houses in Maiduguri.

Etc Silverbird is just acting the same old boring script.

In fact, our Programme was the 1st Islamic programme on STV!The Producer of I-Beauty (Islam is Beautiful) TV Show have lamented the yanking off of their programme midway for a Christian Cartoon.In an online Statement released this morning and signed by the Producer of the Show, they decried the attitude of the management of Silver Bird Television towards their show, stating that this is not the first time STV is acting in such a manner.Once could be an accident, twice a mistake, but yearly and always sounds a bit deliberate to us.We demand Silverbird TV provides all Muslims and viewers of the ‘i-Beauty Show’ a good explanation on why our programme was removed from the air mid-way into the program today the 25th of July.

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