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When they finally make it out, they bring their pet Fire River along with them.The gods just aren't sure what to do about this"In a last-ditch attempt to kill Madara for good, the remaining shinobi gear Naruto up into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, in the end, Madara lands one last blow, and it has to do with the kamui.Back in the Elemental Nations; the war is won and Madara is dead, however, that doesn't mean the shinobi can relax.The civilians and nobility and everyone not of Assassin nor Templar are confused, watching these interactions.Soon enough, the bonds are strengthened and Templars are stunned to find themselves comforting these depressed Assassins.With this newfound power, he may just be able to put a stop to Sachiko's nightmare realm once and for all.

Gray-Man, D N Angel, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!It's scary and my parents have done a really bad job of preparing me for it. tried their best, I think, but it really wasn't enough and now I'm a bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately, she didn't have the courage to post most of her ideas before she was killed by a drunk driver .However, that doesn't mean I'll stop writing, as writing is something that I love. I hope this clears things up for those of you who have been wondering. Regularly Updated: And in the Darkness Bind them Kenbosho Riker Jackson and the Lightning Snatcher Bae'que Namikaze Riders Left Us Falling Green Eyes. If any of you want to adopt it, please send me a PM!I just ask that you guys don't begrudge me for taking my time. Scheduled for Rewrite: The Black Swordsman The Xi'an Dragon(Maybe)Sors Daemoniorum(possibly)Phantom of the Hospital. We'll discuss it and I'll give you the rest of her notes on this story. I won't give it to someone who will just abandon it later..Complete: How to Save a Life Sleep, We Want It Stronger, Better, Faster In the Mirror Save Gotham's People, Robin-Name Pending-Momozono Naname finally escapes from the hellhole that is Heavenly Host Elementary School with a steadfast mission on his heart, only to be thrust headfirst into the fantastical and age-old world of the gods.

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I love watching shows and movies andgetting attached to the characters. That might irritate some of you but I honestly can't do anything else with those stories until i fix them up. It would mean a lot, especially since I'm at that stage in my life where it actually becomes life instead of just being babysat by your parents.

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