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All of the current abbey buildings standing today date back to that period.

Soon after the French Revolution, Abbot Jacques Uls repurchased the abbey.

It was founded in 1216 by Cistercian monks from the Dutch village of Hocht, on lands donated by the Duke of Limburg and the Count of Dalhem.

The Val-Dieu brewery is now 100% owned by Alain Pelsser and his nephew.The abbey’s top-fermented beers are created using the traditional infusion method, where warm water is gradually added to the mash until the desired 75°C temperature is achieved.At this point, the starch is released, which in the next stage will be converted into sugars that will feed the yeast.No herbs or other aromatics are added to the mother beers: blond, dark and tripel.The beers will then undergo their main fermentation using a house yeast that is cultivated within the brewery.

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Val-Dieu was once again razed by Calvinist troops in 1574. He succeeded in proving that the abbey was located in what was then the Duchy of Limburg, and thus fell under the firm stewardship of the Catholic King of Spain.

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