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Tenoroc sets loose the blustering Colonel Buckshot to hunt down the Amber Dragon and so spell doom for the Forest realm.

But when the callous Colonel starts trapping Tuk Tuks for Dragon-bait, Roxie is not about to let him get away with it.

Matt, Roxie and Gomez must free the Sands from Zerona icy grip, but need help from their Al Harbarian friends – and Priscilla the camel too.

As season 3 reaches a climactic finale, Tenoroc sends the robot hulk Slam Droid to destroy Matt and his friends.The Puppet Master rolls into town with his mesmerising mannequins and spellbinding Harlequin Horn, enslaving the Street Kids and drawing Matt, Roxie and Gomez into a sinister sideshow ambush.Unless Matt can deliver a showstopper, this cracked command performance will net Tenoroc the Astral Map of the Multiverse and the key to absolute power.Tenoroc plans to destroy the Enchanted Forest by setting the dim witted Troll to sniff out an evil rock called the doom stone.With that, black acid rain will pour down on the Enchanted Forest and with the most powerful, secret and most respected realm of all gone, The multiverse will crumble.

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