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During Urban's pontificate occurred the second trial and condemnation of Galileo by the Roman Inquisition.On 6 March, 1642, he issued the Bull, "In eminenti," condemning the "Augustinus" of Jansenius.

On Tuesday, hours before the Melbourne Cup took place, Karl delighted Today show viewers by sharing his five race 'commandments.'The 43-year-old laid out the crucial rules to abide by when attending the prestigious horse race.'Number one: Thou shall not remove shoes and walk around like you are heading to the servo,' Karl said, as he began to rattle off his list.'Number two: The turf is no place to be taking a nap.

His father Antonio Barberini, a Florentine nobleman, who died when Maffeo was only three years old, his mother, Camilla Barbadoro, brought him to Rome at an early age.

He lived with his uncle, Francesco Barberini, who was then prothonotary Apostolic, and was educated at the Collegio Romano under the direction of the Jesuits.

Karl's guest on the morning program journalist Shelly Horton agreed with him, saying the commandments are 'very important' and should be followed.

Maffeo Barberini, born at Florence in April, 1568; elected pope, 6 August, 1623; died at Rome, 29 July, 1644.

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