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This is a good way for people to play who might be initially intimidated by a multiplayer game…The single player experience - or cooperative - against the environment, is a good way to learn a lot of the complexities [of multiplayer, and] build up confidence.” “This is not meant to be a standalone single player game,” he continues, “it's meant to be sort of a way to bridge the gap for people who are single player-focused to dabble in the multiplayer, but you're not doing so cold. What should I be doing in terms of relative to my enemies?“The airlift fails,” says Higa, “and the Western allies decide to force a ground convoy.A British tank unit is given the task of escorting this convoy into Berlin,” and as you can imagine, some pretty heated battles ensue, first in the frozen hinterland outside Berlin, and eventually onto the streets of the city itself.I think there's a lot of multiplayer games out there, you just immediately jump in and, hey, they hand you a gun and they give you a basic tutorial of how to move – as if you couldn’t figure that part out - and then they're saying, ‘Okay. “This is going to teach a lot of the fundamentals of like, hey, when you're in a tank, point your front towards the enemy, or you might want to angle yourself to get thicker armour or, hey, these guns have different penetration and different fire rates. and recognise the different threats and how to deal with them.

This campaign, however, is probably about as close to ‘actual’ history as the campaigns will get – but more on that shortly.

The studio’s answer is War Stories – single player / two player co-op, narrative-driven, free-to-play missions for every console version of the game. The first campaign, Brothers in Armor, casts the player as “an American Sherman captain with Lend-Lease who has been sent to the Eastern Front and participates in the Battle of Romania,” says senior game designer Darold Higa. sent to the Soviet Union to train them how to fight with a Sherman.

The first two War Stories - Brothers in Armor and Flashpoint Berlin – will launch on August 22, and the team is already working on two more. They’re obviously already a veteran Soviet Armor crew, but now they’re going to have a unit comprised entirely of Shermans.

Manoeuvring Shermans in Romania or fighting your way into Berlin is almost always going to be more satisfying with a friend, and then if you’re both invested, perhaps you stick together and try out some multiplayer.

It also turns out that World of Tanks players like co-op in other PVE content.

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