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Even with this issue, we still think this coolest golf GPS watch on the market.Golf Rangefinder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.The S4 has the ability to connect to your i Phone via Bluetooth and display your text messages, emails, and other notifications right on the watch.It’s easy to pair the watch with your phone and amazingly unobtrusive.To move the pin, you press the green view button and press and drag your finger to the pin location and the distance will adjust.To enter your score, press the scorecard button and adjust the number of shots and easily add putts and fairways if you want. If you use the scorecard on the first hole, it automatically pops up at the end of each hole, making it even more convenient. There is one issue and it may be a factor for a few buyers.

Please double check with the merchant or manufacturer before making a purchase.A small box displays the number of new messages on the screen when there are new messages. The font for the messages is quite small, but you can adjust it by pressing the face once or twice and then scroll to read the whole message.You can easily go back and forth between your distances and your notifications. If you get too far away from your phone, the Bluetooth sometimes disconnects and does not always automatically reconnect.The Garmin S4 is a solid golf watch, but the price would need to around 0 to make it a good value.We’ve read dozens of user reviews and put the S4 to the test on several golf courses.

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